4WAY STRETCH is the supreme membrane with the highest levels of stretch in all directions, waterproofness, wind-stop performance and efficiency in providing mois­ture evacuation and low condensation. Waterproofing: 20.000 mm H2O Permeability: 20.000 g/m2 – 24h 4WAY Stretch Tsunami lamination is a stretchable fabric so you can feel more comfortable and flexible during your extreme activity. It utilises the polymer molecular movement to efficiently absorb perspiration vapor and disperse it throughout the fabric. When the temperature and humidity inside rise high enough the vapor molecules caused by perspiration are forced to the outside through the hydrophilic zones in the membrane.

2WAY STRETCH is a our membrane with high waterproofness, wind-stop performance and providing maximum efficient moisture permeability and low condensation. Waterproofing: 30.000 mm H²O Permeability: 30.000 g/m² – 24h Advanced treatments make our fabrics enhanced extreme waterproof, wind-stop and high breathability performance. High technical coating membrane provides efficient moisture penetrability and low condensation in perfect balance.

3LAYER is a tech membrane with high levels of waterproofness, wind-stop performance and efficiency in providing moisture evacuation and low condensation. Waterproofing: 20.000 mm H²O Permeability: 20.000 g/m² – 24h


DOWN is considered the best thermal insulation thanks to heat retention-to weight-ratio with lightweight and compressible. Our goose down are the hight quality with 650- up to 750 fill power. Garments that keep you warm thanks to their feather filling, which have the ability to hold (and warm) the air, maintaining the warmth around your body.

PRIMALOFT is The best down alternative. PrimaLoft® is the ultimate microfiber insulation with incredibly soft, lightweight and water resistant. PrimaLoft when is dry, is +14% warmer, and when is wet, is +24% warmer than the other insulation. The human body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit but often ends up in places that threaten to make it far colder than that! PrimaLoft insulates your body to keep it comfortable and conserve energy even in extreme cold.

TIROLWOOL is a wool fleece made by long, straight or lightly fiber wich is both strong and soft. Trought the special Oxy-washtreatment the scales of the wool are eliminated without damaging the structure of the fibers. Thanks to this eco-friendly proces the fiber of the the fine Tyrolean mountain sheep's wool becomes soft, oudorless, hygroscopic and breathable. Clorine-free.